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What Your Sleep Report Reveals About You

After conducting your overnight Wesper test, you will receive a sleep report.

What does this sleep report say and how can it actually help you feel fully rested? 💤

Your sleep report is focused on presenting insights gained into your sleep following an in-depth analysis of the key signals and data gathered by the patches. These insights and data are sent to our sleep specialist – – Dr. Chelsie Rohrschieb in order to formulate a personalized treatment approach for you.

Well, What Does My Sleep Report Say About Me?

Sleep Quality – Wesper uses physiological data such as breathing, movement and heart rate to detect your sleep stages and outputs multiple insights into your sleep including:

  • Total time spent asleep and awake during the test
  • Sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep, REM and awake
  • Sleep quality: a measure of how restorative your sleep was
  • Sleep latency: the time taken for them to fall asleep from when you first lie down and from when you stop moving around
  • Number of wakes: the number of times during the night that your sleep was disturbed
  • Average wake-up duration: the average length of each sleep disturbance
  • Sleep efficiency: the proportion of your time in bed vs. the time actually spent sleeping

Insights are reported for the full night where appropriate.

Breathing – Wesper continuously measures your breathing throughout the night to give you important, actionable insights into how you breathe while you sleep, such as:

  • Your overall breathing quality: a measure of how much risk to your health and sleep quality may be associated with any observed breathing inconsistencies
  • Total number of inconsistent breathing events observed during the night
  • Average number of inconsistent breathing events observed per hour of sleep
  • A timeline showing when during the night inconsistent breathing events occurred
  • A positional breakdown showing your breathing quality and the number of observed inconsistent breathing events for each position in which you slept


Position – Wesper gives you insights into your body positions as you sleep and reports:

  • How long you spent in each position (back, stomach, left side and right side)
  • What proportion of your sleep time was spent in each position
  • When you sat up or stood up during the night

Your Snoring – Did you know your snoring is related to how restful you feel? Wesper assesses your snoring hygiene to let you know:

  • How much time you spent snoring while asleep
  • When during the night you snored
  • How much time you spent snoring for each position in which you slept

If snoring was detected, a representative sample of your snoring is included in the report for you to listen to.


Wesper calculates your heart rate (pulse) as you sleep and shows you how it varied throughout the night. This may give you additional insights into you sleep habits and patterns. 🕑

This will help our sleep specialist recommend personalized tips for you.


Wesper assesses how much you moved during the night, letting you know when you moved and how significant the motion was. Knowing how much you moved around may give insight into how restorative and restful your sleep was.

Near-Body Temperature

Wesper measures how the temperature close to your body changes during the night by evaluating the patch temperature.Your body temperature typically falls slightly during sleep, and cooler environments often promote better sleep. Your sleep can be disrupted if your environment becomes too warm or too cold.

Ambient Noise

Wesper measures changes in ambient noise, which is a measure of how noisy your sleeping environment is, and shows you when during the night noise levels changed. Ambient noise includes “background” sounds (like an air conditioner or a television), and incidental noises (like a passing siren). Snoring is not counted as ambient noise. Increases in ambient noise may contribute to sleep disturbance and a corresponding reduction in sleep quality.

Sleep Trends 

Wesper is the only clinical grade sleep testing tool that provides ongoing insights. This allows you to gain access to longitudinal sleep data analysis. You’ll be able to follow you improvement and the effect of different interventions including treatments, therapies and lifestyle factors on your sleep. 

As always, you’ll also have our sleep specialists to walk you through your data and prepare a custom treatment plan for you. With a few tweaks, you can be well on your way to sleeping better for good.

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