What Your Sleep Report Reveals About You

After conducting your overnight Wesper test, you will receive a sleep report.

What does this sleep report say and how can it actually help you feel fully rested? đź’¤

Your sleep report is focused on presenting insights gained into your sleep following an in-depth analysis of the key signals and data gathered by the patches. These insights and data are sent to our sleep specialist – Dr. Chelsie Rohrschieb. 

Well, What Does My Sleep Report Say About Me?

Your Sleeping Positions 

Whether it’s on your back, side or stomach, your report will let you know the positions you slept in during the night and how your respiration quality was affected in each position. It will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your sleeping positions so you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Your Snoring 

The Tatch app also monitors your snoring. If you snored throughout the night, an audio sample of your snoring will be included in the report (yes, you and your sleep specialist can listen to your snoring)! This will help our sleep specialist understand how severe your snoring is and even recommend personalized product recommendations.

Your Breathing 

Did you know your breathing quality is related to how rested you feel?  Your report provides an evaluation of your breathing quality throughout the night and in different positions.

Your Restfulness 

Between first falling asleep at night, and finally getting up in the morning, we sometimes wake up – to change positions, use the bathroom or adjust a pillow. This is normal, but for good rest, should not happen too much during the night. By analyzing how much of your night you spent actually sleeping, your report will let you know how restful your sleep was. đź•‘

This will help our sleep specialist recommend personalized tips for you.

You’ll also have us and our sleep specialist to walk you through your data and reach a solution. ✔️