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CPAP Machines & Dating with Confidence

Sleep apnea is an extremely common issue. 20% of all Americans struggle with sleep apnea and most treat it with a CPAP machine. Still, introducing the fact that you need to use this machine to a new partner may seem intimidating. 


Getting better sleep does so much to make you even more of an asset in the dating world. Using it can help you be a much more attractive and healthy person overall. Still, you might be faced with anxiety around introducing your machine to a new partner. These are our tips on how to make sure this conversation goes smoothly.


Be Upfront

Our first tip is to be upfront. Maybe you don’t need to tell them on the very first date, but both of you will likely benefit from having a conversation about it early on. 

Stick to the Facts

Again, it is absolutely true that a very significant 20% of all Americans struggle with sleep apnea. It is also true that most treat it with a CPAP machine. Therefore, it is not unfair to assume that the person you are dating is already somehow familiar with them.

Plus, there are so many amazing benefits. This is a machine that makes you healthier, and healthy is sexy. 

  • Getting better sleep provides you with more energy. With that energy it will be easier for you to maintain higher self esteem and simply be a happier you. 
  • Not everyone with sleep apnea is overweight but struggling with sleep can result in weight gain. If you are someone who is concerned with maintaining or losing weight, your CPAP definitely makes this easier for you. The hormonal imbalance that is triggered when you aren’t sleeping well may cause you to reach for food more often than usual. The food you reach for may also likely be higher in calories and fat. Additionally, even if you are able to satiate these cravings, your metabolism will also be negatively affected.
  • With help from your CPAP you also have a higher chance of simply having the desire to have sex. No one wants to take a moment to be intimate when they are already exhausted. Plus, the hormones involved with sex are also thrown out of balance when you struggle with sleep. With your CPAP you ensure that you will be more likely to have the capacity to be intimate with your partner. 

Overall, your CPAP will help you look more appealing to prospective partners in every way. Everyone struggles to look their best while sleep deprived. Eye bags and bloating become less of a possibility with your choice to allow this machine to improve your sleep. With more hours of rest, you enter into the world with a higher possibility of attracting others to you. 

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Provide Some Pictures

Even if your partner understands the benefits of your CPAP, they may still feel unprepared for what it will be like to be around one. They may have a mental image of being kept up at night by a huge and noisy machine. In this case, you can let them know that CPAP machines are much quieter and smaller than they were in the past. If they haven’t been around out recently, whatever they are imagining likely differs from the truth. It may help to provide some visuals of what exactly they are in for.

Explain What It Does For You

In a previous step, we touched upon the many ways a CPAP machine could help someone. It is great to have objective knowledge of how this machine is an important resource, but how exactly did it help you? Your partner may be provided with further understanding by listening to you describe how you were struggling previously, as well how your life has improved now.

Be Confident in Yourself

By no means does having a CPAP machine need to get in the way of intimacy with your partner. Ultimately, you know that you can switch off and remove your device whenever you want. You only need to wear it when you sleep. 

Overall, a CPAP is just a pathway to a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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