Better Sleep
in Two Months

At-home sleep lab with
professional guidance

Better Sleep
in Two Months

At-home sleep lab with
professional guidance

“Wesper can provide greater insight into your sleep habits and make suggestions for better sleep.”

“Sleep reports from all those other devices are typically not very actionable. This is where Wesper comes in.”

“Wesper uses data to give you insight and suggestions for how to get a better night’s rest.”

A one stop shop for sleep improvement

From mild symptoms to sleep apnea

Waking up tired

Loud Snoring

Difficulty staying asleep

excessive daytime sleepiness

Breathing problems during sleep

Gasping or choking during awakenings

Two-Months Plan, From Home

Test yourself with
Wesper’s Home Sleep Lab

Comfortable, Simple to use,
and highly accurate.

Pair the patches to
your Wesper App
via bluetooth

Stick the patches
to your stomach

Wake up with a full
report about your sleep

Superior accuracy
with a 95.6%
correlation to
a sleep lab

Share the data with Wesper sleep specialists and physicians

Based on the rich data from Wesper home sleep lab, your sleep expert will evaluate your condition and formulate a personalized treatment plan.

Get a tailor-made treatment plan.

A step-by-step guidance to better sleep

Behavioral Guidance

Sleep quality can be significantly improved by behavioral changes. Depending on your status, our experts will provide you clear recommendations.

Medical Guidance

If medical intervention is needed the specialist will provide a medical plan including:

*as medically appropriate
** available for specific therapies and location


Our service doesn’t end with a treatment plan.
Our experts will monitor your progress on a daily basis all the way to better sleep.

All from home.

start improving your sleep today

0% Risk | 100% Money Back

What our customers are saying
about our programs

What our customers
are saying about our programs

Meet The App

With a 95.6% correlation to a sleep lab, Wesper derives relevant metrics such as your sleep quality & stages, snoring hygiene, breathing quality, pulse rate & more.

Wellness Program

Improve your sleep in 8 weeks


For those who wish to improve their sleep easily with professional guidance

In the event that the sleep expert determines that you need a clinical diagnosis with a pulse oximeter, and a sleep physician, you will be referred to a $ 179 follow-up program so you can get a formal evaluation and prescriptions.

Sleep Study Program

Includes pulse oximeter & Sleep Physician


Who is it for?

 Anyone who suspects he/she has a severe  condition, like sleep apnea.
People who already have prescription for a sleep study.



For formal evaluation and prescriptions

It is always possible to start with the “Wellness Program” and progress

if necessary to this program (Easy In-app purchase).

Are you a sleep specialist?

Want to get the most accurate data on your patients’ progress without having to ask them to come to the clinic?

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Wesper offers easy access to sleep data so that you can provide better care and grow your sleep testing services.