Tatch Support – Frequently Asked Questions




1.      What is included in my Tatch sleep test kit?

Two patches kept in Tatch packaging and a user manual.


2.      Where is the QR code?

The QR code will be included in the user manual pocket .


3.      How do I store the patches?

Please keep the patches in a cool & dry location. Do not submerge in any liquids .


4.      Should I clean the patches before applying them on my body?

You do not need to clean the patches before application. We have high standards for manufacturing & handling of the patches to ensure they are clean and safe for use by our testers.


5.      What do the lights on the patches mean?

A green light on the patch indicates that it is connected to the mobile app and ready to be used. The green light will turn off after a few minutes so that it does not interrupt or distract you from your sleep.


A red light on the patch indicates that it is not ready to be used. Please refer to the troubleshooting section of this FAQ or contact us at support@tatch.com .  


6.      How should I prepare for the overnight test?

Please proceed with your normal sleep routine and do not be stressed about wearing the patch. Ensure that your bedroom is dark and at a cool temperature. We recommend keeping your chest and abdomen area clean & dry before application of the patches. 


7.      If I have a partner, can he or she be in the same room?

Yes, your partner can be in the same bedroom and bed as you.




8.      How do I use the patches?

The mobile app will provide you with all instructions.

Do not pull off the adhesive sticker until you are ready to apply the patch to run your sleep test.


9.      What happens if I spill liquid on my patch?

The patches can withstand minor contact with liquid. Do not shower with the patches and keep them as dry as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@tatch.com


10.   What happens if I wake up in the middle of the night or if my sleep is interrupted?

Please go back to sleep as you normally would and do not worry about the mobile app


11.   What do I do with the patches after I complete the overnight test?

Please use the prepaid shipping label and return the patches back to us via mail.


12.   Can my patches be used twice?

No. The patches are meant for one-time use. 







13.   Why can I not scan the QR code on my phone?

Please check your phone settings to ensure that TatchSleep PRO mobile app has access to your camera. Go to Settings Camera Scan QR Codes Enable.


14.   My mobile app screen is frozen. What should I do?  

Close the mobile app and re-open to resume your session.




15.   The patches do not turn on and/or the lights are red. What do I do?

Please contact Tatch and return the patches to us. We will send you a new test kit.


16.   The package I received was unsealed. What do I do?

Please contact Tatch and return the patches to us. We will send you a new test kit.


17.   What should I do if I apply the patches to the wrong area on my body?

Remove the patch and apply it to the correct area on your body by following the visuals on your mobile app.


18.   I forgot to charge my phone and it ran out of battery during the sleep test. What should I do?

Please charge your phone and re-open the mobile app. Select “End Test” and remove the patches from your body. Place the patches close to the phone so the overnight data can transfer over.


19.   What happens if I don’t have WiFi after the overnight session?

You will need to connect your phone to WiFi to finish your test. Please move into an area with WiFi and re-open the mobile app to complete your test. 


20.   My mobile app session was terminated, and I cannot re-open the app. What do I do?

Please use the prepaid shipping label and return the patches back to us via mail. If the lights on the patches remain turned on, do not worry. The patch will automatically turn off once the battery life is exhausted.


21.   Who should I contact if I run into other problems?

If you have other questions, please contact us at support@tatch.com