Learn how to start testing with Wesper.
What's in the box?

Each kit contains two wireless biometric patches, one charger, a pulse oximeter, and a quick start guide. 

Ready to start testing?

Make sure to follow good sleep hygiene and purposefully get ready for bed. 

Remember, keep your phone close to you throughout the night to capture snoring data. 

To set up your test, take your patches out of the box. Download the app from the app store and create an account.

Turn the patches on by pressing the center for 3 seconds until the light turns green. Follow the instructions on the app to connect your patches to Bluetooth.

Remove the adhesive and apply the first patch above your belly button. Apply the second patch below your right rib. 

CheckMe Pulse Oximeter

Place the pulse oximeter on the top of your wrist with the USB port pointed toward your hand. Secure the wrist strap, so the pulse oximeter stays in place. 

Place the ring sensor on the base of your index finger or thumb. If the ring is too tight, you can use a different finger. 

Plug the ring censor into the USB port and turn on the pulse oximeter by pressing the small power button on the side

Wesper02 Pulse Oximeter

Turn on your Wesper O2. Hold down the button until the device is shown as ‘connected’ in the app. Remove the short adhesive liner and apply the adhesive over the button of the device.

Charge Your Patches

Charging your patches is quick and easy. 

Simply plug your charger into a wall outlet and lay it on a flat surface. Next, place your patch on the charger until the light is green. Leave your patches on the charger until completely charged.

To charge your pulse oximeter, connect the device to the cable included.  

Return Your Kit

When you’re finished testing, simply put your kit in the shipping envelope provided and adhere the shipping label to the package.

Drop off your pre-paid package at a UPS drop-off location.


The Wesper app works on models iPhone 7 and up, and iOS versions 15 and up, and on the latest Android version.

Wesper can detect 4 sleep states - Wake, Light, Deep, and REM. Wesper uses your breathing, heart rate, and movement patterns to tell if you’re awake or asleep, as well as which sleep states you were in during the night.

Wesper's algorithms use breathing, heart rate and motion patterns to detect if you’re asleep. Total Sleep Time is a sum of all of the times throughout your session when you were asleep.

Sleep Efficiency is calculated using Total Sleep Time (adding up all the periods of sleep throughout your session) then dividing that time by the length of the whole session to produce a percentage.

Wesper can generate accurate insights about the quality of your breathing, amount of time snoring, sleeping positions, heart rate, sleep time, sleep efficiency, and sleep staging (wake / light / deep / REM). It also provides other environmental measurements, such as patch temperature and ambient noise.These insights are provided for each night test and as trends over time.

Wesper uses clinically-validated respiratory measurements to identify periods of inconsistent breathing throughout the night. If your breathing volume decreases frequently or lasts for long periods of time, you're more likely to have restless, lighter sleep, and experience increased daytime sleepiness, dizziness, headaches, and overall reduction in quality of life.

Wesper uses the microphone in your mobile device to record audio with your permission. The audio is then processed by Wesper’s algorithms to pick out periods of snoring. For best results, try to keep the mobile device as close to you as you can, for example on a nightstand or on the floor next to the bed.

Visit this link to get complementary adhesives.

Yes, you can use the Wesper app’s sleep journaling feature to log nightly use of these aids. You can then view this data and edit it at any time.

Yes, Wesper is approved by the FDA and is a diagnostic device.

No. Wesper uses a robust, yet gentle adhesive that’s been shown to work well with all levels of body hair. If you have any concerns about the adhesives, notice your patches moving, or think it has skewed your report, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

No, Wesper recommends replacing the adhesive strips with new ones before every new session.

Yes, the Wesper app features a sleep journal where you can easily log a variety of lifestyle information on a daily basis. You can then view this data and edit it at any time.

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