How Wesper Works

Learn how Wesper helps patients and professionals.

For Patients

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For Providers

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The Patch

Our patented technology is designed with patient comfort in mind.

The compact design is made of soft-touch material and is attached to the skin with gentle adhesive, making the Wesper at Home Sleep Test as comfortable as any other night.

The App

The patient app features the latest developments in testing, ongoing management, and engagement.

The Portal

With Wesper, you can test, review data, score a sleep study, and
provide ongoing care and titration using our cloud-based system, built to make sleep management easier.

Trend Analysis

With Wesper’s longitudinal data, professionals can view trends over time to deliver better care and get more accurate results.

Score Data

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to view data and overscore the raw data just like a PSG.

Superior Titration

With pre-test and post-test logs, patients can provide detailed anecdotal information to understand the type or level of treatment a patient used during treatment.

Sleep-Lab Quality Breathing Analysis

Wesper’s breathing scoring (AHI and REI) is based on a direct measurement of breathing which gives highly accurate and verifiable results.

Desaturation Data

Seeing oxygen desaturation data in correlation with breathing and positional data allows professionals to be more accurate and comprehensive with their care.

Data Visualization

The wealth of information provided by Wesper across breathing, positional, sleep stages, snoring, temperature, and more is correlated visually to allow better diagnosis and ongoing care to move from understanding the “what” to understanding the “why”.

Clinically Accurate

Through FDA clearance and approval, Wesper’s patches match the existing in-lab solution at a fraction of the cost and through a superior patient experience.