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Tech for Change: CES 2021 reveals new ways to stay healthier than ever before

By Jeremy Kaplan January 11, 2021
Technological doodads that help us monitor our health have exploded in recent years, starting with our steps (thank you, Fitbit!) and heartbeat and moving into all sorts of innovative spaces. The market for “connected health monitoring devices,” as the Consumer Technology Association calls them, grew 73% in 2020 — and will surge by another 34% next year.

At the 2021 CES show, we expect to see a fleet of these from a variety of companies that aim to improve our understanding of our health, keep us fit, and in general make the world a better place. We call it Tech for Change — and here are a few innovations to keep your eyes on.

Tatch is a new consumer electronic device that helps monitor our sleep, a crucial part of our health. The company calls it “a sleep lab shrunk into a sleek, wearable patch,” and that sounds pretty right on to us.

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