Sleep Study Program

Conduct a clinical sleep study from home


Everything in the wellness program plus:

Who is it for?

People who already have prescription for a sleep study.
Anyone who suspects he/she has a severe condition, like sleep apnea

What’s Included In Your Sleep Study Program:

Wesper home sleep lab
(Patches + charging station)

2-months of
unlimited testing

Better sleep through sleep expert guidance (Video consultations and messages)




A one stop shop for sleep improvement

From mild symptoms to sleep apnea

Waking up tired

Loud Snoring

Difficulty staying asleep

excessive daytime sleepiness

Breathing problems during sleep

Gasping or choking during awakenings

Superior Accuracy.
Personalized Data.

Wesper derives relevant metrics such as:

We’ve distilled the power of a sleep lab into an easy-to-use wireless patch. The data is distilled into a sleek, detailed sleep report available in your Wesper app – so you can stay up to date on your progress and track different interventions as needed.

Board-certified sleep
physicians guidance

You’re not alone.
Get answers, schedule video consultations, and track different interventions – all with the support of our sleep experts.

Meet The App

With a 95.6% correlation to a sleep lab, Wesper derives relevant metrics such as your sleep quality & stages, snoring hygiene, breathing quality, pulse rate & more.

“Wesper can provide greater insight into your sleep habits and make suggestions for better sleep.”

“Sleep reports from all those other devices are typically not very actionable. This is where Wesper comes in.”

“Wesper uses data to give you insight and suggestions for how to get a better night’s rest.”

Free shipping  |  Money back guarantee   


Yes – we are covered by insurance. Wesper will connect users to our sleep physicians who are then responsible to check the users’ eligibility.

Yes. The Wesper app works on models iPhone 7 and up, and iOS versions 15 and up.

You’ll be charged $249 which includes 2 months of testing, access to sleep reports and our sleep experts. After the 2 months, you’ll have the option to continue monitoring your progress with Wesper for $9.99 a month. 

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Wesper offers easy access to sleep data so that you can provide better care and grow your sleep testing services.