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95% correlation to polysomnography

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Respiratory Effort

Sleep Positions

Pulse Rate

Sleep Diary

Skin Temperature

Sleep Time

Level 3 HSAT + 2 Months Monitoring

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Wesper kit works with iPhone 6S or above running iOS 13 or later. Wesper does not work with earlier iPhone models or iOS versions, and does not currently work with Android phones (Android is planned to be launched in October).

Wesper Light does not measure oxygen saturation.  Wesper Light makes a direct measurement of breathing effort, and produces derived measures of air flow and nasal pressure. Wesper Lab measures oxygen saturation and is a level 3 HSAT, FDA cleared for diagnosis of Sleep Apnea.

A patch detachment typically produces a flat effort signal in the detached patch from the point of detachment onwards. If a patch falls off during the night, data will continue to be recorded from the patches, a report will still be produced in the morning and signals can still be viewed through the provider portal. If a patch falls off temporarily at the beginning of a study and is quickly replaced (for example, during initial patch placement or study setup), the Wesper Light output will remain unaffected. However, special care must be taken when reviewing data from a study in which a patch fell off during the night, regardless of whether it was replaced or not.

Patient Report – The patient report makes use of all of the signals recorded and assumes a full night’s worth of data from two patches. The patient report should therefore not be used to make any assessment in the case where one or both patches falls off during a study.

Recorded Signals – Providers can still view the recorded signals in the Provider Portal to gain insight into the patient’s sleep, particularly before patch detachment. Most signals will be valid up until the time of detachment, with a smaller subset remaining valid after.

Respiration Signals – All respiration signals and their derivatives (effort, flow, pressure and respiration rate) remain valid for times before detachment. Following detachment, only the effort signal for the remaining patch and respiration rate remain valid.

Position – If the abdomen patch falls off, positional data for the whole study should be treated as invalid.

Sleep Stage – Following detachment of the patch, sleep staging is invalid.

Audio – The audio signal is unaffected by patch detachment. Detection of snoring and background noise therefore remain valid.

Heart Rate – Remains valid throughout the whole study.

To ensure that night to night variability and the full range of a patient’s sleep characteristics are properly captured, we recommend a minimum of two nights and ideally three nights of testing to establish a good baseline.

Wesper has been tested on hundreds of people encompassing a wide range of demographics and body characteristics.  The patches are designed to be tolerant to the presence of both body hair and sweat, and for most patients the adhesive is effective for a full night’s use.  Best practices for patch adherence include cleaning the skin with mild soap and water, and thoroughly drying it before placing the patch.  In some instances, heavy body hair may prevent successful adherence of the patch.  In these instances, patients may wish to consider temporarily shaving the area under the patches to ensure better adherence.  Normal nocturnal sweating during use is not expected to affect patch adherence.  Note that alcohol should never be used to clean the skin before placing the patches.

All test results (reports, questionnaire answers and signal data) can be remotely accessed by the provider.  The ability to conduct virtual/remote visits is entirely at the provider’s discretion as patient needs allow, and should be in compliance with any relevant local, state or federal regulations as well as insurance requirements and condition of license.

Any telemedicine visits should be scheduled, initiated and held outside of the Wesper platform. Wesper is able to embed a scheduling link in the sleep report to enable instant scheduling for patients from the app.

Each patient’s appliance titration should be conducted by the provider at their discretion in accordance with the appliance’s labeling as well as best practices and patient needs. Wesper suggested protocol is 3 nights for baseline (without the Oral Appliance), 4-5 nights after insertion and 4-5 nights after each titration. Providers may find the trend view particularly helpful in monitoring the treatment effectiveness.

Yes, we would love to engage with your team and provide further product training. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself and your team with Wesper by allocating a kit for team members to try. Please email us at partnerships@wesper.co to set up a time for a comprehensive product demonstration and provider portal webinar for the team.

Wesper Light is not currently covered by insurance.  However, any cost incurred by the patient is eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement.

Wesper Lab is an FDA-cleared diagnostic platform and can be billed to insurance if prescribed by a physician and is then scored by a sleep physician.

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