Wesper Featured on CNET

Wesper Featured on CNET

Remote healthcare is everywhere at CES 2021

 Jan. 13, 2021 5:00 a.m. PT

We’ve seen home healthcare devices at CES for years now, but they’ve probably never been more important than they are this year. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic forced us all to stay home for months and switch from seeing our doctors in person to telemedicine appointments. For doctors, being able to monitor their patients vitals from home wasn’t just convenient, it was essential.

At CES 2021, there are health tech devices for all sorts of medical concerns, from heart health and neurological disorders, to sleep and allergy relief.

Stickers that track your sleeping positions

Tatch is bringing a sleep study into your own bedroom. It’s a wireless wearable sensor that attaches to your stomach and chest to monitor your respiration rate, snoring and restfulness while you sleep.

The sensors can tell what positions you sleep in, what percentage of the night you slept in those positions and how your sleep was impacted by those positions. For instance, if you fall asleep on your side, but wake up on your back, it’ll tell you how long you slept on your side and if your sleep got better or worse when you switched to your back.

While it cannot yet detect if you have sleep apnea, the company says it is working on advanced versions of the sensors that can.

All of the data is gathered into a report that you can then share with a sleep specialist that Tatch connects you with. They can provide greater insight into your sleep habits and make suggestions to sleep better.

You can sign up for Tatch’s pilot program now and get two patches for $60.

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