Discover Custom Reports Design

Discover Custom Reports Design
We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to the Wesper Provider Portal: the introduction of the Custom Report Design capability. This new feature will allow you to create tailored reports that better meet your specific needs and preferences.

First Step: Move to Custom Reports

Opt-In for Custom Reports

Start by creating a new report found under the Settings section in the new Report Design tab.

New tab


Report Design Access Levels
Reports can be created at either the group level or personal level. Group-level configurations are available only for group admin users, while personal reports are stored in the private section at the end of the other groups.

Under the group dropdown, the site admin will have available the groups that they belong plus the private section


Creating a New Report Design
  1. Select the report location (group or private section).
  2. Title your report.
  3. Press Save. A Google Doc file link will be generated.
  4. Open the link to begin personalizing the report template.

Steps to create a custom report design

Google doc link to begin customizing
Customizing the Sleep Report
Start with a default template design, including sections such as Overview, Patient Data, Methods, Study Info, Report Template, Signature, Key Metrics, Body Position Statistics, and Signals.

Tailor the report layout and structure to meet specific needs, incorporating your organization's branding, rearranging sections, adding or modifying content, and customizing sleep metrics.

Add your clinic logo

Remove columns (e.g. remove 4% values in the Summary table)

Add a new row (e.g. add HB 3% in the Summary table)

Introducing the Data Dictionary

Use the data dictionary as a comprehensive reference guide containing a predefined set of sleep metrics and corresponding codes. Insert these codes directly into your report template to include specific sleep metrics.

Personalizing report and data placement
Preview and Validate
Use the Get Sample tool to review and validate the customized sleep report design before finalizing it. This tool allows you to see how the report will appear with sample data and includes error detection mechanisms to ensure quality.

Validation successful and report preview

Validation with errors

Next Step: Review the Study

When reviewing studies, you will need to select the desired report design and the review template.

Review modal view

Important Note About the Review Workflow

The old flow for reviewing sessions, including checkboxes for diagnosis and recommendations, will soon no longer be available plus, currently, it’s not compatible with the new custom reports. Instead, it will be mandatory to create custom review templates from the settings section to structure your session reviews.

Old flow to be deprecated

How to Create Review Templates:
  1. Go to the Settings tab in your Wesper account.
  2. Select the "Review Templates" option.
  3. Create a new template.
  4. Include the title you want to visualize in the header’s field and add the corresponding text in the body. Add as many blocks as needed.
By creating custom templates, you'll have full control over the structure and content of your session reviews, allowing you to tailor them to the specific needs of your patients.

Steps to create review templates

We believe these enhancements will greatly improve your experience and the quality of your reports. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Want to learn more? Reach out!

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