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  • Wesper fsa

    Using your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    September 22, 2021
    FSA (Flexible Savings Account) is similar to a savings account, but it's just for approved health-care expenses. FSAs are funded through pre-tax payroll deductions and operate on an annual plan year basis.
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  • Wesper helped me improve my breathing

    August 17, 2021
    Gary is retired and currently living in the Midwest. He was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 10 years ago after a pretty poor sleep study experience. He’s used Wesper twice to monitor his Sleep Apnea and has improved his symptoms significantly (without completely depending on his CPAP)
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  • Matthew walker

    How Can You Use Matthew Walker’s Sleep Advice?

    June 18, 2021
    Matthew Walker's popular book Why We Sleep became an international bestseller, and has influenced the way we, here at Wesper, approach sleep. 🌙
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  • Tatch user story

    How Wesper gave me peace of mind

    May 21, 2021
    A scientist who’s all about staying fit, keeping active and getting his blood pumping. Getting restful sleep was essential for Jon’s lifestyle, and he’s thanking Wesper for being able to pinpoint the source of his sleeping struggles.
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  • CPAP machines: tips for avoiding common problems

    May 2, 2021
    The most common treatment for sleep apnea prescribed in the U.S. today is the CPAP machine and masks. This doesn't come without its own issues. Let's dig deeper into some solutions. 🔍
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  • Our Co-Founder’s Story

    April 13, 2021
    Growing up, Amir faced difficulties connecting with his father due to his father being constantly… asleep. He had undiagnosed sleep apnea, as 30 million Americans do.
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  • What Sleep Apnea Does To The Body

    April 7, 2021
    What does sleep apnea do to the body and how can this affect your psychological state or social relationships?
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  • What Your Sleep Report Reveals About You

    March 16, 2021
    After conducting your overnight Tatch test, you will receive a sleep report. Well, what does this sleep report say and how can it actually help you feel fully rested? 💤
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  • Tried Every Sleep Device But Still Struggling?

    March 16, 2021
    Sleep - as essential and restful as it can be - is a nightly challenge for many. 🌙   The sleep device industry keeps growing, yet we're still not getting any better. Why is that?
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  • snoring

    What Is The Cause Of Snoring?

    February 17, 2021
    You’re sleeping peacefully next to your partner. You begin dreaming of a loud lawn mower and it wakes you up. But it’s no lawn mower, but the sound of your partner snoring. Read on for tips and tricks you can implement tonight. ✔️
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  • The Power of Sleep During COVID-19 and Managing Anxiety

    November 12, 2020
    We have been told to help “flatten the curve” by staying indoors and refraining from gathering. We now have to think about simple tasks that we didn’t before.
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  • Meet The Patch

    November 10, 2020
    Do you struggle with your sleep? If you do, you’re not alone. Meet our at home sleep test. An estimated 70 million Americans experience sleeping troubles, affecting all ages, genders, and social groups. 🌎 That’s why we decided to help.
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  • Living With a Partner Who Has Sleep Apnea

    October 30, 2020
    If your partner struggles with their sleep, and it’s impacting you to feel romantically bonded, this post will give you an insight into sleep apnea.
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