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Wesper taught my body how to sleep again

Most of my life, I’ve been a pretty good sleeper, but that all changed about 7 years ago. I was going through some personal issues which caused a lot of stress, totally breaking my sleep rhythm. I started struggling with insomnia and my sleep rhythm continued to worsen. It felt like I had to teach my body how to sleep again. Aside from my racing mind which kept me up, I also had restless leg syndrome. I couldn’t sleep at all and remember night after night of just laying in my bed completely exhausted.


Obviously, this affected my day to day life. I remember being really irritable, falling asleep constantly during the day and feeling powerful pangs of emotions such as anxiety, stress and anger. I turned to caffeine to get me through the day.

I went to my sleep doctors and was prescribed several sleep medicines. Little did I know that these medicines were actually aggravating my undiagnosed sleep apnea. The problem was much worse than I thought. I knew I had to remove a couple of variables in order to solve the root of the issue. The meds also seemed to mess with my brain and I knew I had to get off some of them.

I was prescribed CPAP and tried it for a month and really couldn’t get it to work. I decided to make some lifestyle changes.

After several failed attempts to fix the problem in the past, I was able to make progress in 2021.I started dropping weight, and also got an oral device to help with my mouth as I slept. I began physical therapy for my personal and mental health and behavioral therapy for my insomnia. It felt like this summer, I was finally beginning to re-learn how to sleep.

But how did I know I was actually getting better? Sure, I felt it at times, but being a data-driven person, I needed more evidence to see my progression. This is where Wesper came in. Wesper really honed in on my sleep hygiene and helped me understand how my sleep improved by eliminating certain variables. What if I stayed up an hour later? What would happen if I watched a movie before bed? I could finally get concrete answers.

The most interesting thing to see with the Wesper experience was that I wanted to see which position I was laying in and how this impacted my snoring and respiration. This is a big one for me. Especially for my sleep apnea. Between this and the oral device, here’s which positions could be better for me and how I can get better respiration. These factors were big for me.

Another key thing was meeting with Dr. Chelsie – the sleep specialist. I can only see sleep specialists in my area about once a month or sometimes even once every 3 months because they’re extremely busy and not that easy to get a hold of.

With Wesper, Dr. Chelsie was extremely accessible so to be able to get on a video call and say “Hi, I did this and feel different, what do you think?” and for her to provide instant recommendations, felt really good. This is a huge component for me.

Overall, I’ve progressed and come really far. I dropped a lot of weight, stuck to my oral device, learned my sleeping positions and changed my sleep behavior thanks to Wesper. I’m grateful to see this progression. The most important thing being that my sleep apnea is gone.

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In summary, here’s how my progress looked like:

  • I focused on removing variables to see what’s actually worsening my sleep

  • I focused on improving my sleep hygiene based on the recommendations I was provided

  • I constantly monitored my data to ensure I was actually progressing

I’m looking to continuously improve my sleep and am grateful to Wesper for helping me on my journey to do so.

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