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Tried Every Sleep Device But Still Struggling?

1 in 3 US adults are not getting the required seven hours of sleep each night, and 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least one night a week. Up to 30 percent of adults have chronic insomnia, and women are at a 40 percent greater risk, while men are two to three times more likely to struggle with the condition sleep apnea. So what do these statistics show? 

Sleep – as essential and restful as it can be – is a nightly challenge for many. 🌙   We’re still struggling. Due to this, the market for sleeping devices and products has grown to $432 billion. According to a survey, one third of people have tried a sleeping product as an attempt to combat their sleeping troubles. But as the industry keeps growing, we’re still struggling with our sleep – it’s a clear sign that the products we’re reaching for, aren’t giving us the relief we need.

The Problem With Sleep Devices 📲

People who chronically struggle with sleep are driven to find a solution, trying out a range of products and devices like:

  • Blue light glasses
  • Essential oils
  • Sleep-promoting bedding like weighted blankets
  • Prescription sleeping medication
  • Air conditioning or cooling mattresses
  • Apps and wearables that monitor sleep

While these products may work for some, they’re not a guaranteed solution.

Here are some common issues relating to sleeping products:

“Even if I sleep my 8 hours I still feel fatigued throughout the day” 

Oftentimes, feeling fatigued throughout the day is indicative of another health condition like sleep apnea. Or conversely, undiagnosed sleep apnea may have caused other health issues like fibromyalgia or high blood pressure, that are responsible for low energy. 


“I got some interesting data from a sleeping app, but I don’t know how to use the data to sleep better” 

It can be eye-opening to see that you woke up five times during the night, but that just shows you the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’ of your sleeping troubles. 

“I use two devices, but they both give different information”

The reality is: some apps or devices are simply not accurate. It can be extremely confusing when different devices provide different data. A clinical level of measurement is the only accurate way to track sleep

“I’ve tried all the holistic and natural sleep tips, but they don’t work”

If you’ve ever been to your doctor about your insomnia, they have likely told you to avoid screens before bed, avoid late-night snacking and cutting out caffeine after 3pm; but these tips can feel generic and are not a guaranteed solution, particularly if you have an underlying condition responsible. 

These commonly reported issues of sleep devices can make people feel like they are fighting an uphill battle.

The goal is deeper, uninterrupted sleep and consistent energy throughout the day ☀️  – and the sleep devices being used are not enabling this. 

Wesper: The Sleep Solution 

Wesper was created as a response to these commonly reported issues associated with sleep devices. We understand that when you struggle with sleep and seek out a solution, you’re looking for:

  • Clear, accurate and reliable sleep data – a clinical level of measurement
  • Actionable insights based on the sleep data to directly improve sleep
  • The ‘why’ behind the data – trustworthy expert analysis 

This is what Wesper provides, in our attachable patches that are connected via bluetooth to monitor your sleep. The sleep insights will be shared with an expert, who will provide custom recommendations to improve your sleep once and for all.

You deserve deep, uninterrupted sleep and energy throughout the day. 

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