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The Value of Comprehensive Home Sleep Tests

Home sleep testing allows you to take control of your health and learn more about your body’s sleep patterns without going through the process of visiting a doctor’s office or hospital.

Sleep is an essential part of life.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body cannot function properly. You risk negative mental and physical health effects and are at increased risk for severe health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Several tests exist that can help diagnose sleep disorders. Convenient home sleep testing is a great option. Not only is the experience better (who doesn’t love sleeping in their own bed?), but it also allows you to test your sleep across multiple nights, often for a much lower cost to you.

Studies have shown that 20% of patients would have been misdiagnosed if their diagnosis was based on a single night. Yet, most diagnostic lab-based sleep studies still rely on a single night.

Home sleep testing allows you to take control of your health and learn more about your body’s sleep patterns without going through the process of visiting a doctor’s office or hospital.

How accurate are home sleep tests?

Regarding home sleep tests and lab-based sleep studies, there are many things to consider: accuracy, comfort, convenience, and cost.

While most people associate sleep tests with those done in hospitals or labs, the option of having one done at home can be just as reliable – if not even more so.

Many patients find that being tested at home is much more comfortable than traveling to a clinic to sleep in a bed that isn’t theirs and in unfamiliar, clinical surroundings. In addition, single-night sleep studies may fail to pick up on the full range of a patient’s sleep characteristics that are more evident with multi-night studies.

Finally, many insurance companies now cover home sleep tests, making them an affordable and accessible option for many people who previously couldn’t afford them.

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Are home sleep tests more affordable?

Sleep tests are cheaper than lab-based sleep studies.

The cost of a lab-based sleep study is often higher than the cost of a home sleep test because you have to pay for transportation, lodging, and meals for your entire stay at the sleep lab. If you need further diagnostics, you pay for each individual test that you take.

The average cost for a sleep study in a lab is $3,075 for a single night study.

For comparison, a home sleep test only costs $399. This also allows you to test multiple nights from the comfort of your bed for no additional cost.

In addition, insurance companies often provide less coverage for in-lab testing than out-of-lab testing. For example, many insurers will only cover one in-lab sleep study per year but may cover multiple out-of-lab tests within that same period.

Since home testing can be done without leaving home and without needing to stay overnight at a lab or hospital, you don’t need to worry about spending extra money on transportation or accommodations like you would if you tested in a hospital or lab setting.

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Why are home sleep tests a great alternative to lab-based sleep studies?

One of the most significant advantages of home sleep tests is that they are much less expensive than sleep studies.

Sleep studies require at least one night in a hospital, and often more depending on the needs of your doctor. In addition to this cost, you will pay for travel and possibly food expenses.

Furthermore, if you are an outpatient patient and have no insurance coverage for overnight stays in a hospital, the costs can be astronomical!

With home sleep tests, you only need to purchase one device for use over several nights — and then return it when your test is complete. There are no additional expenses beyond those associated with purchasing the program itself.

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The sleep test is a perfect example of how technology is changing the face of medicine.

Through home sleep testing, you can get an accurate picture of your health without having to go through the hassle or expense of visiting a doctor’s office every time you need one.

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