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Meet The Patch

Do you struggle with your sleep? If you do, you’re not alone. Meet our at home sleep test.

An estimated 70 million Americans experience sleeping troubles, affecting all ages, genders, and social groups. That’s why we decided to help.

Wesper was founded upon the belief that more people deserve better sleep.

This Is Why We Created The Patch


The founder of Wesper, Dr. Amir Reuveny, experienced first-hand the effects of poor sleep: his father struggled for more than 20 years with his sleep, affecting every aspect of his life.

It’s so hard to watch your dear ones suffer without the ability to help and change the situation” says Reuveny. “We’ve created Wesper to make sure people who need help have access to high-quality support in their own home to improve their quality of life.”

For some health conditions you can go to the doctor and get a pill, but improving sleep is not always quite the same. For many people, improving sleep is a long process that requires continuous support and behavioral changes. Collecting the right data is the only way to truly get to the root of the issue to get optimal results.

So How Do We Get The Right Sleep Data? Meet The Patch

We’d like to introduce you to the patch. This revolutionary flexible patch is attached to your torso while you’re sleeping, picking up on some key sleeping signals and metrics, to gather data on your sleeping habits. This data is then sent to a specialist, who can provide an analysis and recommend next steps.


How Does It Work?

The cushiony-soft, lightweight patch is attached seamlessly to your skin, and effortlessly peels off pain-free in the morning when you are finished sleeping. You will forget the wireless, thin patch is on your body within seconds, as you drift off into sleep.

Meanwhile, this clever patch – created with state-of-the-art technology – is just getting to work. It has special sensors and a communication module to track any changes that happen in your body while you’re sleeping.

The second you turn on the Patch’s power button, your journey towards better sleep has officially begun

What Does the Patch Test For?

Do You Snore? The patches can tell how you snored during the night and whether your snoring is considered normal or severe. It can also determine if there is an underlying cause to those who may snore severely.

Do You Have a Favorite Sleeping Position? The patches can determine which positions you slept on during the night and also provide you with a detailed breakdown of your most optimal sleeping positions.

How Do You Breathe During The Night?The patches will measure your breathing dynamics as you sleep to evaluate your breathing quality throughout the night and in different positions.

All these factors are relevant indicators of your sleep quality and any possible sleep issues you may be experiencing. This data is then compiled on a sleek mobile app, and you’ll get a full report instantly when you wake up.


Without the right data, your sleeping issues are essentially an enigma.

Like taking medication without understanding the root cause – it doesn’t make sense.

Our pioneering product: a sleek, sophisticated at home sleep analysis tool will help you get the relief you need, so you can finally sleep with effortless ease, because you deserve a good night’s sleep at last.


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