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Introducing the Care Plan

Wesper is committed to providing quality, clinical-grade, sleep data that demonstrates a comprehensive overview of your sleep health. The data collected each night by Wesper is closely analyzed by an algorithm designed by sleep experts that detects key problems such as poor sleep quality, inconsistent breathing, and snoring.

To help you better understand how to improve your sleep health, Wesper has introduced a brand new, personalized Care Plan into the app. The Care Plan uses a carefully designed algorithm to detect recurring issues in your sleep data that don’t improve over time. The algorithm also analyzes the questionnaires you answer before each tests to determine if any pre-sleep behaviors affect your sleep quality.

Some issues the Care Plan detects:

  • Determine if sleeping in certain positions consistently leads to poor breathing
  • Evaluating how consuming caffeine at certain times of the day reduces sleep quality
  • Detecting if alcohol consumption close to bedtime make snoring worse.

Automatic Recommendations

Once the Care Plan determines that a persistent issue exists, it will make automatic, personalized recommendations on steps you can take to improve your sleep health. The more tests you take, the more accurate and personalized your care plan will become.

Wesper sleep experts continue to grow the Care Plan, which means that future updates will include even more ways of evaluating your data and more personalized recommendations for improving your sleep health.

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