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How Wesper gave me peace of mind

Meet Jon.

A scientist who’s all about staying fit, keeping active and getting his blood pumping. Getting restful sleep was essential for Jon’s lifestyle, and he’s thanking Wesper for being able to help pinpoint the source of his sleeping struggles.

I never really had issues sleeping until graduate school.

School put me in a super stressful environment, I started to drink too much caffeine for my own good and that’s where my sleep really started to go downhill.

I tried a couple of lifestyle changes like limiting my screen time before bed, and even weighted blankets but nothing actually worked in the long run.

The weirdest thing was that my sleep struggles would come and go; they were pretty inconsistent.

Sometimes I’d sleep terribly and sometimes I’d sleep like a rock.

I remember I was on the couch with my fiancé when she brought up Wesper.

I decided to try Wesper’s sleep test and discovered so many new insights about myself.

The things that I thought I was going through, weren’t actually really there. 

In other words, the data I received and my appointment with their sleep specialist, Dr. Rohrscheib, cleared up a lot of things. I thought I was constantly waking up and that I was tossing and turning a lot but the data showed me I was actually sleeping not too bad.

It was a relief to have hard data and actionable insights from their sleep specialist.

I was actually about to start medication before trying Wesper out, but after my sleep report and appointment, I learned that I was getting better sleep than I thought I was.

The issues that I thought I was having were more mental so it was great to see the physical side of things, to actually learn the truth. 

Wesper really helped me dive deep into my sleeping patterns and learn about it on a deeper level.

As I weight train a lot (in addition to snowboarding and hiking), sleep is essential for my recovery. I’m a scientist so it was really cool seeing the animations and how I actually slept without any assumptions.

Having that appointment really helped me figure out my next steps and my overall thinking process. Wesper helped me sleep better.

My mindset towards my sleep has drastically improved.

Wesper gave me peace of mind.

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