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Wesper helped me improve my breathing

Gary is retired and currently living in the Midwest. He was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 10 years ago after a pretty poor sleep study experience. He’s used Wesper twice to monitor his Sleep Apnea and has improved his symptoms significantly (without completely depending on his CPAP)

Q: So tell us about your history with your sleep apnea.

A: I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 10 years ago after getting a sleep study, which was a pretty poor experience—all the electrodes, a camera, a mask. It was pretty annoying. I was prescribed a CPAP machine and I go back and forth on using it. It’s pretty uncomfortable and inconvenient, so I was curious to learn about alternative treatments and when I learned about Wesper, I thought it could be great!

Q: What was your Wesper experience like?

I took my first test and my results, no doubt, showed that my breathing quality was poor. I thought I spent most of the night on my sides, but I learned through the test that I actually spend a decent portion of the night on my back! And when I’m on my back, my breathing quality is substantially worse. When I met with the Sleep Specialist, she walked me through my results and recommended I try a positional therapy device to stay off my back when I sleep. My wife ended up making me a DIY device by sewing some tennis balls into the back of a sleep shirt, which worked well.

Q: Did you notice a difference once you started using the device?

A: As soon as I started using the device my wife said it definitely improved my breathing. I’m not having the gasping episodes anymore! I took another Wesper test to confirm and indeed it showed that I was staying off my back the entire night and my breathing quality improved to be within normal range instead of concerning, all without wearing my CPAP.

Q: What’s next?

A: I’m still experiencing some mild snoring, so the Sleep Specialist recommended some ways to improve that, like a type of nasal strip. I plan to experiment with that and then take another test to see if it improves.

Q: When did you retest? What did you discover?

A: After retesting in August, I discovered I was right. My sleep specialist consultation and test results showed significant improvement in my breathing quality and on my back (I went from “Fair” to “Good”) because I was pretty good about using my recommended positional therapy from the start. By limiting sleeping on my side, my breathing quality was officially within a “normal” range and I really felt that. My wife noticed it too. It felt great to have data confirm what I was feeling.

Q: Did improving your Breathing quality improve some other factors as well? 

A: Oh definitely. My snoring naturally improved as well. I was snoring less than before. My wife was pretty happy about this. I was also recommended a mouth guard and nasal strips and I’m keen on seeing how that goes for me.

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